Tooth Extractions

What are Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction involves the complete removal of one or more of your natural teeth. If a tooth has become severely decayed or if it is loose because of trauma or periodontal disease, we may recommend having it extracted. Some patients choose an extraction over other procedures to save themselves time and money. An extraction can be done to remove risky teeth that may pose a problem to your dental health, as you’d find with wisdom teeth.

Why might you need to have a Tooth Extracted?

When a tooth can no longer be saved, it may need to be fully extracted. Once a tooth is extracted, surrounding teeth may shift slightly. We often recommend having a bridge or implant placed if you’re completely missing a tooth. Some of the reasons you may need to have an extraction done include:

  • A tooth is severely decayed
  • A tooth is loose due to periodontal disease
  • You want the tooth removed because you don’t want to deal with additional procedures
  • The tooth serves absolutely no purpose (wisdom teeth)
  • The tooth is in the way of receiving orthodontic treatment.

What makes you a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

Most patients who want a tooth removed are able to have the procedure done. However, we will discuss other options with you prior to simply removing the tooth. In some cases, a root canal is a more viable option to save the overall structure of the tooth itself. An exam and series of x-rays is necessary before having one or more of your teeth extracted.

What can you expect during the Tooth Extraction procedure?

You will receive anesthetic of your choice to make the extraction more comfortable. Once the area is completely numb, Dr. Buccellato will use a series of tools to carefully yet quickly remove the tooth. If sutures are needed, these will be placed after the tooth has been removed. You will bite down on a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding and will be instructed on when to remove or replace the gauze. You will be given careful instructions to promote healing after the surgery is complete. It is important that you not smoke or drink from a straw after an extraction as this can cause a condition known as dry socket.

If you think you might need to have one or more of your teeth extracted, call our office and we can help in scheduling an appointment for you.

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