Periodontics - Treating Gum Disease

Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them.


What are Periodontics?

Periodontics is the field of dentistry that involves the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease as well as dental implant placement. Periodontal experts are trained to treat and diagnose gum-related diseases and disorders in the mouth. Dr. Buccellato is equipped to handle your periodontal needs. We are here to make treatments of periodontal diseases and disorders as well as implant placement as comfortable as possible.

Why do you need Periodontics?

Periodontics may be necessary if you have gingivitis or gum disease. It is important for patients who are going to have implant surgery done. If you are dealing with any type of infection, inflammation or abscess involving the gums, periodontal treatment is necessary in eradicating the problem. Periodontal treatment is ideal for children, teens and adults alike who are in need of gum-related procedures.

What makes you a good candidate for Periodontal Treatment?

Before being considered for periodontal treatment, you’ll need to have an exam performed in our office. We can check for signs of periodontal disease and provide you with a treatment plan specific to your needs. Periodontal disease is defined by several stages, so treatment varies depending on how severe the disease has spread. If you are interested in having a dental implant placed, we are able to do this surgery for you comfortably and conveniently.

What can you expect with Periodontal Treatment?

Because periodontal treatment varies from one patient to another, a consultation is necessary prior to beginning work. Some of the most common periodontal treatment options include laser treatment, scaling and root planings as well as gum-related surgeries. Our goal with periodontal treatment is to diagnose, treat and stop the spread of periodontal disease. For dental implants, we will discuss your options with you prior to the surgery. It is important to come back into the office several times after the implant has been placed to ensure it is healing properly.

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