Same Day Crowns With CEREC

Same Day Crowns Using CEREC Dental Technology in Colorado Springs, CO

Using the CEREC MC XL Mill, we are able to create highly defined and personalized dental restorations to prevent the need for a second visit.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a revolutionary dental technology that allows us to create restorations, like bridges and crowns, directly in our office. Using the CEREC MC XL Mill, we are able to create highly defined and personalized dental restorations to prevent the need for a second visit. We take a digital scan of your teeth and gums using the Omnicam, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable impression trays. You’ll get to leave the office with your brand new restoration and without the need for a second visit.

Same Day Crowns in Colorado Springs, CO

Why would CEREC be needed?

You might need a CEREC restoration because either a tooth is damaged and needs a crown or you’re missing a tooth completely and require a fixed bridge. We are even able to make implant-supported restorations using the CEREC machinery, so you’ll love the look of your finished smile. The restorations that the milling unit can make are identical to what would be created in a local dental lab. The only difference is that the permanent restoration is made for you in the office while you wait rather than scheduling you to come in for another appointment.

Who is a candidate for CEREC?

Most of our patients are good candidates for CEREC restorations. These restorations are durable, high-quality, and made to precisely fit the area where they are needed. In fact, many of our patients prefer CEREC because of the digital scanning device, which eliminates awkward, uncomfortable impression trays. If you have a busy schedule, you’ll find CEREC to be advantageous in preventing multiple trips to the office.

What can be expected during the CEREC procedure?

We will prepare the tooth as usual so that the new restoration can sit comfortably on top. We then take a digital impression of your teeth and mouth using the Omnicam. This impression is immediately used in the CEREC machine. While you wait, the permanent restoration is made. Once complete, we will fit the restoration over the tooth to restore your smile. There are no temporary restorations or second appointments needed. CEREC saves our patients time and hassle, and you’re left with a quality restoration that blends in seamlessly.

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