Root Canal

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Root canal treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth.

What are Root Canals?

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal does not involve removing the actual roots of a tooth. Instead, a tooth that is infected or has been compromised may need to have the inner pulp removed. This inner pulp houses the nerves and blood supply for the tooth and can become infected if it’s been exposed. Root canals are incredibly common procedures and can be done quickly and comfortably in our office.

Why might you need a Root Canal?

When the inner pulp of a tooth has become infected or has been exposed, a root canal is often recommended. One example would be if a tooth has become severely decayed and this decay has been allowed to reach into the pulp of the tooth. If there has been some type of trauma to the tooth, such as a break or fracture, the pulp may have become exposed and is causing you a lot of pain. Generally, a tooth that is causing you severe pain and is sensitive to hot and cold liquids will need a root canal.

What makes you a candidate for a Root Canal?

In order to decipher if a root canal is needed, Dr. Buccellato will perform an exam and take x-rays of the tooth. This will help to check for signs of infection and decay as well as to see if the pulp has been exposed. Root canals are one of the most commonly performed procedures in the dental office. They can be done comfortably and easily at your own convenience.

What can you expect with the Root Canal procedure?

The tooth that will be receiving the root canal will be anesthetized for your comfort. A drill is used to remove decay and get into the pulp of the tooth. Special tools are then used to carefully remove the pulp and clean out the canals of the roots. A thin medicated material is used to fill up the canals and preserve the tooth. The hole that was created is then filled with composite resin. You can go home within minutes of having the procedure done and can benefit from being pain-free.

If you think you might need to have a root canal done, the Alpine Dentistry staff members are available to take your call to schedule an appointment for you.

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