Same Day Appointment and Treatment

Same-Day Dentist Treatments In Colorado Springs

Same day affordable dental services are available for all patients with dental problems and concerns.


What is Same-Day Treatment?

We are happy to offer same-day appointments and treatment to meet your dental needs. These appointments make it more convenient for you to receive your care without the need for multiple visits. Our same-day treatment appointments can be used in conjunction with emergency care as well as your routine visits. Dr. Buccellato is here to provide comprehensive treatment so that your teeth and gums are healthy and pain-free.

Why might you need Same-Day Treatment?

You might want or even need same-day treatment if you’ve come in for an emergency and need to have work done immediately. Likewise, we can offer same-day appointments if more minor work is needed. Our goal is to make your dental appointments more convenient so that you are more apt to have treatment started. We offer dental procedures for all members of the family and can work with you in a way that is warm, inviting and affordable.

What makes you a candidate for Same-Day Treatment?

Same-day treatment may be necessary if emergency work is needed. You may choose same-day treatment if you just want to get a procedure done and over with without the need for multiple office visits. To determine if you are eligible for same-day treatment, we can provide you with an exam and to assess what work is needed. Don’t be afraid to tell us that you want the work done in the same day when scheduling your appointment.

What can you expect with Same-Day Appointments?

Before the work is started, Dr. Buccellato will perform a routine examination. X-rays and other types of imaging may be needed before work can begin. Once it is determined what type of work is necessary, Dr. Buccellato will prepare you to have it done. It is easier and more convenient to have same-day treatment available to every member of your family. You are more likely to have work done that is needed if you’re able to get it completed in the same day as your initial appointment. We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding same-day appointments.

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