As a Sedation Dentist, We Make Summertime Dental Care Comfortable

At our sedation dentist office in Colorado Springs, we make summertime dental care more comfortable than other practices. Your dental care does not have to be stressful. Many adults fear dental procedures and visits, choosing to be mildly sedated during their treatment. Thus, we provide mild sedation methods for patients who are anxious, have dental phobia, and avoid visiting a dentist for check-ups and cavity fillings.

Some people fear the dentist so intensely that the mere thought of going causes them to panic. Fortunately, we have a dental practice where patients can feel completely at ease, both physically and emotionally. Our sedation methods are safe and effective. These methods allow someone to experience an appointment with the dentist that is positive.


Since mild sedation is normally all that is necessary to make a patient feel calmer, our most common method of sedation involves the use of nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is one of the safest and simplest techniques we use to bring patients comfort during their visit to our sedation dentist office. We provide this comfort by placing a gas tube or mask over the patient’s nose, allowing the patient’s body to effortlessly inhale nitrous oxide.

The nitrous oxide works quickly and lasts for however long is necessary to complete the appointment or procedure. Once the gas is cut off and we remove the mask, the patient will immediately feel back to normal again. We also offer oral medication for those who do not prefer nitrous oxide or those looking for a more moderate form of sedation. This can be administered as a pill or liquid before the dentist appointment, depending on the patient’s personal preference. Whichever method we use, the patient can safely leave our office following the visit. The patient will experience no lingering effects once a few minutes to an hour following the appointment.


Visiting a sedation dentist has many benefits including feeling more confident when visiting a dentist. This confidence will help the patient get in the habit of scheduling routine dental care. At some point in the future, the patient may no longer need mild sedation to get through the appointment since the patient will associate positive memories with the dentist. The patient will have no fear, anxiety, or discomfort while mildly sedated. If the patient has a low pain threshold, our sedation techniques, combined with a local anesthetic, will work to put the patient at ease.

When you visit us for a consultation, we can examine your teeth, take X-rays, determine what treatments you need, and discuss the sedation options that are available to you. This way, you can determine what type of sedation would best fit your needs. No matter what your reasons for visiting a sedation dentist are, we are happy that you picked us. We trust that you will have a positive experience in our office and will be eager to visit again. Do not let a visit to the dentist put you in an uneasy state of mind when our sedation techniques can make it an efficient and comfortable experience overall.

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