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One of the main reasons that some patients don’t get the dental care they need is their struggle with anxiety or stress. The Alpine Dentistry team understands the need for comfortable and relaxing treatment. Colorado Springs, Colorado, patients can have pill-based sedation for stress-free dental procedures, so there’s no need to delay getting the treatment you need. Use online booking or call the office now to arrange a visit.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

In sedation dentistry, your dentist uses a sedating medication to help you relax during dental treatment. At Alpine Dentistry, the team uses pills for sedation rather than IV medicine. This non-IV sedation allows you to get all the benefits of sedation without the potential drawbacks of IV medication.

You'll also have numbing injections to deaden sensation if needed. The numbing injections affect only the immediate area. In combination, this allows for a relaxing and pain-free experience.

Will I fall asleep during my dental procedure?

The majority of patients don't fall asleep during a procedure with pill-form sedation dentistry. However, you may doze very lightly.

You're likely to enter a super-relaxed state where you can still communicate if you want to.

Why is pill-form sedation dentistry better than deep sedation?

Pill-form sedation dentistry is superior to deep sedation like general anesthesia for a few reasons. First, it's safer because you'll never completely lose consciousness like you would in general anesthesia.

It's also easier and faster to regain full consciousness after pill sedation than it is after deeper sedation. Most patients are fully conscious again shortly after their procedure. However, you may be a bit groggy after your procedure so it's best to have a family member or friend drive you home afterward.

Do I need sedation before all dental appointments?

No, it's all up to you. If you have dental fear or anxiety, you might feel more comfortable if you have pill sedation to take the edge off. However, it's not required for any dental appointment.

Speak to the team at Alpine Dentistry to learn about your options and to discuss what makes you the most comfortable.

Are there any side-effects after pill-form dental sedation?

Most patients have no side-effects at all after pill sedation, although temporary amnesia is a possibility. You might have no memory at all of the dental procedure. However, most patients consider this a beneficial side-effect!

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